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  • Publish Time: 2020-04-09
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Under the influence of the COVID-19, the factory still insists on continuous development. In order to cover the API607 fire certificate with more valve requirements, the factory decided to re-manufacture 4 sets ball valves for Fire testing in Wenzhou Yongjia Quality Supervision Bureau on April 02, 2020. These four valves are 2 "150LB floating ball valve, 4" 150LB floating ball valve, 2 "600LB floating ball valve, and 1-1 / 2" -1500LB ball valve, after half an hour of strong fire test, the valve is still 0 leaked, successfully passed this fire test and won these 4 specifications of fire certificate.
Floating ball valve fire certificates coverage: 150LB: 1/2 "-8"; 300LB: 1/2 "-8"; 600LB: 1/2 "-4" ; 900LB: 1/2 "-3"; 1500LB: 1/2 "-2"; 2500LB: 1/2 "-2".The Chief Engineer of the technical department said that we did not use special materials instead for testing, and use conventional materials. The company has always firmly believed that as long as we adhere to quality as the principle of an enterprise, it will definitely make the enterprise bigger and stronger.
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