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  • Publish Time: 2020-03-05
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Lishui leaders care about our company's return to work during COVID-19
 On March 03, 2020, the Deputy Director of Lishui City People's Congress and the Deputy Director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission visited Zhejiang MED Valves. The General Manager of the company Ye Mankai gave a warm welcome. Learned more about the company's resumption and proposed,If the company have any difficulties, the municipal government will give the greatest support and help.And go deep into the production workshop to check in details of the personnel management, safety production, protection of the COVID-19, product quality and work flow. The leaders also pointed out some suggestions and opinions for us, hoping that the company could be further improved in the future development.
After the visiting, the City leaders praised the production base environment and advanced equipment of our company, and at the same time expressed their affirmation and confidence in the products produced by MED. The valve industry is a key industry by our province. We hope that MED will vigorously develop independent innovation, increase research investment, improve independent innovation capabilities, and focus on the creation, protection and use of independent knowledge and property rights.

Under the influence of the COVID-19, the factory still insists on continuous dev
SPE (Single Piston Effect) seats are usually called self-relieving seats.